Thank you to all the BUYERS and SELLERS for making the 5th Annual Heartland Highland Cattle Auction such a great success. The total sales for the auction was $146,430. The top selling registered bull was consignment 104 Laughing Sun Ranch Chieftain from Dadeville, MO and the top selling heifer was consignment 118 Schon Boden Rani, from Osceola, WI.
Congratulations to these sellers. There were many wonderful outstanding animals in all the categories at the sale as the buyers were very pleased.
We want to shout out a "Thank You" to Mid Missouri Stockyards in Lebanon, MO for allowing us to hold the auction at their barn, a HUGE "Thank You" to all the HHCA Officers, Board of Directors and members who took off work on Friday to help pen the animals and for all the hard work they did on Sat. You all are greatly appreciated. We also want to thank our Junior member and her assistants for the presentation before the auction on halter training.
The 6th annual Heartland Highland Cattle Auction is scheduled for Sat., April 22, 2017 again at the same location, Mid Missouri Stockyards. Hope to see you again.

Auction Date

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lebanon Livestock Barn, Lebanon, Missouri

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the Highland Sale please contact:

Jerry Delcour
(417)693-0858 Nights and Weekends

Please send all cattle pictures and info to consign to:

Gloria Asmussen


The HHCA Officers and Board of Directors are providing this Highland Cattle Auction to all Highland Cattle breeders from all the regions. This will be our fifth auction specifically for Highland Cattle held in the region. Everyone is welcome to attend!

There will be a great selection of Highland animals available for you to acquire registered and unregistered breeding stock, feeder animals and excellent beef.

Come early to see the animals up close in their pens and get more infomation from their owners.